The AFTNC has a listserv, which is an email group for AFTNC members to interact through email in order to obtain information about AFTNC events, vote, make referrals, obtain information about groups and classes for clients, learn about workshops for themselves, and other information requests. You need to be a registered member of AFTNC in order to join this listserv. If you are not a current member and you want to become a member, sign up here. For help with the listserv, please click here for the Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also email Joshua Westhoelter, our listserv coordinator, at  .

Can you give me an overview of how the AFTNC listserv works?

We have moved back to using Google Groups – all members are part of this group. You will have access to the listserv as long as you are a member in good standing.  To access the listserv simply email  If you do not get emails from this address then contact Josh at  

To access the listserv through a webbrowser, you will need to go to your google groups at .  If you do not have a gmail or google account you will need to sign up for one to access the group online.  After that it will show up under My Groups.